Article in Forsyth Woman Magazine

April Coble was privileged to be on the cover of Forsyth Woman Engaged in August 2009. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Coble and her staff at Launch Media & Marketing combinethe creative talent of an interactive marketing agency with the application development and IT knowledge of an internet technology firm. “We help our clients identify theirmarket, or target audience, evaluate their brand effectiveness, address the business’ slogans or tags, and then plan the internet side of the business. There was a time when ‘Google’ was known just as a web site, but over the years people have started ‘Googling’ and it has become a verb. Having an interactive and creative website, along with getting a client’s business listed with search engines, is very important in today’s market. I am all about setting ourselves and our clients apart and I have found thatFacebook, Twitter and blogging is important in getting yourname out there,” said Coble.